We began our Change-Making Journey...

PLATFORM creates, develops and empowers Impact-Driven Enterprises aiming to overcome poverty, reduce inequalities and maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being in Cambodia and Southeast Asia.


Scaling economic, environmental and social impacts made by passionate and talented entrepreneurs with the capacity to lead on new directions in the sectors in which they operate.


After working with International Development Organizations and the Private Sector in Asia for nearly twenty years our founders met in Cambodia. Passionate about the region and its people, they consistently confronted the challenge of “how to empower impact-driven enterprises to work hand in hand with local vulnerable communities, ensuring positive social and economic footprints and scale”.

We realized that many impact-driven enterprises struggled to nurture a relationship with the right investors or to draw complementary expertise into their core team. As a result, they were often unable to establish business models that would address complex and systemic issues encountered on the path to scale and success.

Paradoxically, investor appetite for impact investing and expertise in positive social development has never been stronger.

The extreme difficulty of channeling finance and scaling impactful projects despite the increasing capitalization of the global impact investing market – US$715 billion in 2020 (GIIN's database), is a paradox that we want to address.


PLATFORM’ s unique approach combines development sector expertise and business acumen, with an in-depth understanding of sustainable finance and impact investment markets.

System dynamic modelling allows us to go in depth in analysis and ensure that our projects are designed to deliver maximum benefits for our clients and the local communities they serve. Our local and regional peer networks assist our clients building innovative partnerships across the private and public sectors.

In addition, we design and implement innovative impact measurement systems to track results for our clients in a transparent and highly reliable way.

We acted

In 2019, we began something new - we created PLATFORM. The intention being to co-create with our clients, a pipeline of impact-driven enterprises and bring them to scale and success through the mobilization of sustainable finance institutions.

All the ventures we build resonate to our values because they (1) must focus on delivering social and environmental impacts as well as economic benefits; (2) must have potential to influence positive change at sector/system level and; (3) must be genuine in empowering vulnerable communities in their local context.