We partner with impact Investors​

Status quo is no longer an option: PLATFORM aims to lead a systemic transformation towards sustainable development in Cambodia and Southeast Asia by accelerating the emergence of the Impact Investing movement in the region.

We build bridges of understanding, enable innovative cooperation opportunities and maintain trusted relationships between Responsible Investors and exceptional Impact-Driven Enterprises.

Facilitating Impact Investments in Cambodia

PLATFORM seeks to create significant added value for Impact Investors by actively supporting them in the sourcing, assessment and post investment monitoring process of high-potential Impact-Driven Enterprises operating in Cambodia.

Our services

High-Quality Pipeline

By accessing to Impact Entrepreneurs sourced from industry leaders, hand-picked by Platform Impact’s Board of Directors, and taken to the investment readiness stage via our professional mentoring schemes, networking support and best-in-class technical assistance.

Due Diligence Simplification & Assistance

By expediting your due diligence process: Our Entrepreneurs come to your doorsteps with comprehensive Investor-Facing Materials, structured Folders encompassing a 6-Dimension Due Diligence (Legal, Financial, Commercial, Operational, Environmental and Social), as well as “Investment Prepared” certifications.

Tailored Matchmaking

By continuously presenting, introducing and connecting you to fresh investment opportunities in Cambodia involving Impact-Driven Enterprises matching your investment thesis, criteria and approaches.

Post-investment & Portfolio Management Support

By deploying additional local resources at the Country’s level on an ongoing basis to help you monitor the impact, return and risk profile of each of your investments; report reliably on the operational progress, roadblocks, and performance details of your Investees; and offer the strategic oversight required for your Portfolio Companies in Cambodia to remain impact-focused and avoid mission drift.

Access to an ASEAN-Focused Network of Impact Investors

By becoming part of a network of like-minded investment professionals with whom you can share experience, collaborate and co-invest to enable impact-driven teams to scale up their ventures in Cambodia and across Southeast Asia.


By assisting you in the establishment of new processes within your organization to ensure the structural integration of information on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors into the investment decision making process and long-term strategies.


Join our Priority
Impact Investor Network

Through our efforts we pioneer, manage and sustain a platform fostering optimum, successful and long-lasting partnerships between Responsible Investors and Impact-Driven Enterprises joining forces to build a more inclusive, equal and sustainable economy in Cambodia and the region.

If you are interested in joining our Priority Investor Network to get insider information, become a financial partner of our Impact-Driven Enterprises and benefit from our continuous support to help you achieve your responsible investment goals in Southeast Asia.