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Small & Medium Enterprises

PRISME is Southeast Asia's first Venture-Building Program that helps to make Impact-Driven Enterprises investment-ready.

Through PRISME, Platform Impact, Oxfam and Khmer Enterprise work closely with public and private actors to develop an ecosystem to solve Cambodia's most pressing challenges through business solutions. PRISME aims to multiply the impact of Impact-Driven Enterprises in the area of environmental sustainability and supply chain management, lasting social impact for vulnerable people groups in Cambodia, whilst generating sustainable profits.

Our efforts empower purpose-driven entrepreneurs with knowledge, networks and capital and contribute to a more sustainable impact economy in Cambodia and the region.


In collaboration with Cambodia Investor Club, Oxfam and Khmer Enterprise


We offer tailored advisory and impact management services with our development sector expertise, business acumen, and in-depth understanding of sustainable finance.

Due Diligence

Our best-in-class evaluation, assessment and impact management team prepares our PRISME Cohort to become investment-ready.


From our experience, we assist our PRISME Cohort to prepare their pitch to our network of impact investors and funders.

Enterprise-Investor Deal Matching

We present Impact-Driven Enterprises to ready investors and assist in the negotiation to scale their business.

what is an impact-driven enterprise?

An Impact-Driven Enterprise is a financially self-sustaining business with a clearly defined social and environmental mission to solve a societal problem. Most of the financial surplus of an Impact-Driven Enterprise is reinvested for greater social and environmental impact, rather than distributed for private financial benefit.

prisme cohort selection

Ten Impact Entrepreneurs and their top-level executive team will be provided with a year of best-in-class strategic planning assistance, business linkages, access to investment and leadership support. These ambitious growth-stage companies are tackling pressing societal challenges in Cambodia with innovative and system-changing business models.

January - April: SME Selection

Promising growth-stage Impact-Driven Enterprises are shortlisted based on our sourcing criteria. A jury of top industry professionals, impact investors and local authorities select the participating companies through a rigorous process.

May - October: Impact Venture-Building and Getting the SMEs Investment Ready
Ten selected SMEs will join the PRISME cohort and benefit from training workshops, individualized 1-on-1 coaching sessions with our Venture Builders to develop their growth stage strategy, receive relevant business linkages and get investment-ready.

November - February: Matchmaking between PRISME cohort and Investors
The most serious, diligent and high-potential companies empowered through PRISME will be put in front of Impact Investors.


#1 Pepper Farming

The first organic and fair trade Kampot pepper farm of Cambodia and a well-recognized producer and distributor of Kampot pepper. Their farmer cooperative helps farmers access the market and demonstrates strong commitment to social and environmental goals.

#2 Silk Farming

A Cambodian silk company on a quest to reproduce ancient Angkorian patterns using silk produced by a protected species of silkworm and deeply committed to empowering the local community (particularly women) and improving its impact on the environment through the adoption of renewable energy technologies.

#3 Coffee Farming

One of the first internationally established coffee roasting companies in Cambodia that is dedicated to promoting locally produced and roasted coffee grown by indigenous Bunong farmers in Mondulkiri.

#4 Agri-Tech SME

An agri-tech business that aims to create jobs and help Cambodian farmers have better revenue, using technology to track production and inventory to export agricultural yields to Japan, Vietnam and France.


#5 Construction Materials Company

This enterprise manufactures interlocking bricks, inspired by the concept of Lego® building blocks and collaborates with NGOs to assist vulnerable families in need of housing.

#6 Plastic Waste Recycling Plant

Through up-to-date waste management techniques, and building an ecosystem with plastic waste collectors, this plastic waste recycling plant in Phnom Penh will meet demand for plastic packaging, create jobs for non-skilled workers and create positive environmental impact. 


#7 Edu-Tech Platform

The first university & school information portal in Cambodia that empowers more than 50,000 high school students annually to make better college majors and career choices, providing students with career advice, enrollment, offer comparison and options for financing their education. 

#8 Sports & Well-being 

An institution founded by passionate professional basketball coaches who aim to promote social connectivity and sports access through facilities and training opportunities among the low-income in Cambodia to foster social inclusion, forge cultural identity, and promote mental and physical well-being. 


#9 Mobile Healthcare

The first mobile clinic in Cambodia, providing customized medical care and life support solutions. Characterized by accessibility, professionalism, and amicability, this enterprise passionate to contribute to a world where everyone has equitable access to quality healthcare and promotes gender equality for more women and girls in Cambodia.   


#10 Water Supply

A piped water supply company that provides clean water to low-income communes in Siem Reap. In Cambodia, limited access to clean water disproportionately impacts the low-income rural communities. Regular consumption of contaminated water causes adverse health effects and spreads chronic disease. This enterprise boosts Cambodia’s progress in increasing access to clean water for all, and provides water security for agricultural productivity, community well-being and resilience.


key program figures

Impact-Driven Enterprises
Months of Support
$ 7 m
Capital Needs​
15 +
Global Partners​

Our PRISME 2022 Cohort consists of 10 Impact-Driven Enterprises, supported by a team of 11 venture builders and 18 key global and local partners, institutions/organizations seeking a capital funding of US$10 million in equities, loans and grants.


We invite you to contact us to learn more about our remarkable Impact-Driven Enterprises and discuss opportunities to cooperate, synergize and act together to scale their positive impacts and business.